Christie Boxer 30 - HD/2K - 3-chip DLP projector.

Undisputed performance in HD and 2K.

All the features, performance and convenience of the Christie Boxer platform in sharp HD/2K resolution.

The Christie Boxer 30 features a powerful combination of profit-focused features, sharp HD and 2K image processing and a 4K upgrade option, future-proofing your investment.

Built rugged, compact and light with a host of smart-monitoring features, this 30,000 lumen, 60Hz, 3DLP projector is designed for high-impact rental staging and large-venue events.

Featuring six-lamp Mercury illumination, the Christie Boxer 30 provides 1,500 hours of lamp-life to 70% brightness.

With the added benefits of single-phase power, built-in warping and blending, omnidirectional installation options, a full-range of connectivity and Christie TruLife electronics, the Christie Boxer 30 packs a punch in creating powerful and inspiring visual experiences.


  • Christie TruLife processing ensures stunning color reproduction and image quality
  • Mercury lamps for more than double the life of Xenon illumination
  • Omnidirectional deployment capabilities
  • Built-in warp and blend functionality
  • Preview screen for at-a-glance status updates
  • Integrated near field communication (NFC) for lamp information tracking
  • 4K upgrade option

Technische Daten:

Christie Boxer 30


3-chip DLP


1920 x 1080 HD / 2048 x 1080 2K


29,000 ANSI lumens / 30,000 center lumens




6x 450W NSH

Lamp Life

1500 hours to 70% initial brightness


12.0" (305mm)


23.5" (597mm)


37.75" (959mm)


160.0 lbs (72.5kg)

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