Christie ​​Captiva DUW350S - 16:6 - 1-chip DLP projector - Captiva Series.

Maximise your space, captivate your audience.

Long-life, laser phosphor ultra short throw projector.

Captivate audiences or inspire collaboration with striking, ultra wide visuals with the Christie Captiva DUW350S ultra short throw projector.

Create high definition canvases up to 140” diagonal in size with this 3,000 lumen, 1DLP lampless projector.

With an impressive 16:6 aspect ratio, you’re able to run multiple applications side-by-side for presentation and collaboration ease.

Or use the entire space to showcase your content in unique ways that attract and engage audiences.

Easliy add interactivity capabilities for an enhanced user experience.

Featuring laser phosphor illumination, the Christie Captiva DUW350S provides 20,000 hours of low cost and low maintenance operation.

With a suite of easy-to-use features, multiple mounting options, instant on/off and a very attractive price point, the Christie Captiva DUW350S lets you focus on what’s important – the content.


  • Compact, quiet, powerful and bright
  • Unique ultra wide aspect ratio
  • 20,000 hours of low cost operation
  • Reliable, easy to use and economical
  • Multiple orientation options
  • Easily add interactivity

Technische Daten:

​​Christie Captiva DUW350S


1-chip DLP


1920 x 720 (16:6)


2,700 lumens


1800:1 (Full on/off)


Solid state (Laser phosphor)

Lamp Life

20,000 hrs.


4.06" (103.0mm)


15.08" (383.0mm)


12.20" (310.0mm)


12.1 lbs (5.5kg)

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