The name monoPAK has become a phenomenon in the Australian industry since LSC introduced the product in 1986.

monoPAK is a generic reference to quality single channel portable dimmers today.

The versatile monoPAK can be used with followspots, stage-props, photography studios, film locations, retail outlets, trade exhibitions, basically anywhere small lighting rigs need to be set and left.


  • High rise time inductors
  • 40 Amp triac
  • Safety HRC Fuse holder with 10Amp ceramic fuse
  • 60 mm travel low profile fader with integral dust cover
  • 1.6 metre long power input cable fitted with Australian 3 pin plug
  • 300mm output cable fitted with Australian 3 pin socket
  • CE and Ctick approved

Technische Daten:


Dimmer channels


Channel output rating

2400Watts @ 240VAC

Input voltage range


Protective fuse

10 Amp ceramic

Input connector

1.6 meter cable fitted with australian 3 pin plug

Output connector

300mm cable fitted with Australian 3 pin socket

Chassis style

Portable or wall mount

Dimensions (mm)

94W x 73H x 255D


2.0 unpacked


Corrosion resistant steel finish in black powdercoat with rear screened polycarbonate labels

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