Mac Pro Drive Bays

brings new level of performance enhancement to the Mac Pro System, users can now install up to eight SATA/SAS/SSD Disk Drives inside Mac Pro System, four Disk Drives can be installed directly into four Apple drive bays and four Disk Drives into the Optical Drive bay of the Mac Pro System via MaxConnect Optical Disk Drive expansion kit. PCI Express Controller are required for the two drives in the optical bay, the other two drives uses two on board sata channels.

Main features:

  • Mounting Sledge for Mac Pro [2009] or Mac Pro [2006-2008]Drive Bay (CNC Machined Aluminum)
  • Base Mount (Aluminum) for the bottom two disk drives
  • Optical Drive Mount (Aluminum) for Optical Drive or two disk drives
  • Aluminum HeatSink for 2.5 inch Disk Drive
  • Mounting Screws
  • 2 Port PCIe Controller for 2 Disk Drive (Bootable)
  • 4 SATA Cable
  • Power Cable for 4 Disk Drives

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