LSC-Clarity - The lighting and media server controller software solution Clarity enters the entertainment market with a bunch of strong features.

Clarity provides an easy to handle user interface for Mac® or Windows® PC.

With the Clarity software you can easily control every type of light, like PAR cans, LEDs or moving lights, colour scrollers, LED matrix walls and even Media Servers using an intuitive interface.

Find out how Clarity works: watch our product videos and download the software for free.


  • Integrated full Carallon fixture library
  • Comprehensive LED matrix control
  • Media Server Content Integration via Thumbnails
  • Flexible programming and timing of cues and effects
  • Transferable programming between different fixture types (copy/paste and fixture cloning)
  • Lock cuelists and chases to a common metronome and automatically scale them to fit into musical durations
  • Advanced real-time effects with graphical editor and extensive and extensible inbuilt library
  • Rig View
  • Quickly combine building-block elements and save combinations for instant recall, all in synchronisation
  • Filter and modify existing cuelists and chases to achieve unlimited combinations and permutations, all without duplicating the original data
  • Comprehensive programmer contents, cuelist contents, output and DMX levels view
  • Dual programmers for comparing looks
  • Keyboard command line input
  • MIDI and TC control
  • Built-in RDM master

Technical Facts:

  • Dongle size available: CT1 512Ch., CT2 1,024Ch. CT4 2,048Ch., CT16 8,096Ch., CTU 65,536Ch.
  • Outputs: Art-Net over Ethernet, DMX512 via LSC QX nodes or LSC VX wings
  • Number of Fixtures, Cues and Cuelists: no practical limit
  • Additional USB Wings: LSC VX10 and VX20
  • Additional USB DMX Interfaces with RDM: LSC QX1 and QX2
  • Free Demo Download: Yes with DMX Output (random 10 second Blackout unless CT dongle connected)
  • Operating Sys. & recommended min. hardware requirements:
    Windows® PC Pentium 4 CPU, 512MB RAM, 300MB Disk Space, 1,024 x 768 min. screen resolution, USB-port
    Mac® OS X 10.4 or later, Intel Processor, 256MB RAM, 100MB Disk Space, 1,024 x 768 min. screen resolution, USB-port

Software / Patches:

Mac® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc..
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc..

For further information please contact your Pro Systems Group dealer.

LSC Clarity Software

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