LSC-e24V3 - 24-channel portable touring dimmer.

"It is without doubt, a One Box - One Solution product".

The e24V3 is the silver bullet for today’s live entertainment requirements.

The LSC e24 series of self-contained touring dimming systems has always offered innovative features. The new e24V3, continuing this family tradition, now comes complete with 24 channels of both Dimming and HotPower distribution enabling you to power Lighting, Video, Special FX and Sound systems all from the one box!

Retaining all of the smarts of its predecessors, including CCT (current control technology) and PTFD (pulse transformer fired dimming), e24V3 can power a vast array of items directly. However, often you need DMX to control them. So to make it the one box - one solution product, e24V3 now has an in-built fully opto-isolated 5-way DMX splitter.

But we don't stop there, for added flexibility, e24V3 can also be fitted with either of the current popular wireless DMX systems, W-DMX from Wireless Solutions or SHoW DMX from City Theatrical.

The wireless DMX option allows the e24V3 to run off cabled or wireless DMX; it even allows you to run both. With this option, should either DMX input signal fail, the DMX auto-switching feature of the e24V3 seamlessly switches to the other input signal providing full data redundancy even if the main DMX cable fails.

e24V3 continues to be delivered in a heavy duty flight case the size of a bar fridge, with an internal steel frame. The front and rear covers that accommodate the patch are removable, and with castors fitted they clip together to create a wheeled dolly. All there is left to do is to set your show patch before the e24V3 hits the road and starts earning its keep. And remember that you can now also pack the bar fridge/coffee maker case due to the extra room in the truck.

The e24V3 24-channel Dimmer system represents an exciting move towards total dimming packaging, providing a complete solution for pre-show set up, transportation and storage. Built around LSC's long established philosophy of "no compromise on reliability, quality or features" The e24V3 offers great value for money to any lighting operator in the professional touring, corporate or exhibition markets.


  • Fully flight cased 24-channel Touring dimmer
  • 24-channels of dimming and 24-channels of HotPower
  • 13 Amp circuits
  • PTFD control giving the ability to control inductive and low power loads
  • 100% duty cycle operation using temperature controlled fans
  • Patch or non-patch versions
  • ST18 or GST18 hot patch unit
  • Plethora of output connector options including Socapex and Harting (Wieland)
  • Selection of power input connectors
  • LCD touch screen for menu driven operation
  • Full softpatch
  • Seven dimmer curves selectable per channel
  • Remote control and monitoring possible using LSCnet
  • Internal scene storage for static operation (no console required)
  • Built-in 5-way fully opto-isolated DMX splitter
  • Optional Wireless operation using W-DMX or SHoW DMX
  • Removable front and rear covers
  • CE approved

Technical facts:


Number of Dimmer channels


Channel output rating

13 Amps per circuit

Output Connector Options

Channel outputs

Auxiliary outputs

Without Hot-Patch:

24 Double Shuko outlets

3 x Double Shuko outlets

24 Double Shuko outlets +
4 x 16-Pole Harting (Wieland) 6cct

3 x Double Shuko outlets

24 Double Shuko outlets +
4 x 19-Pole Socapex 6cct

3 x Double Shuko outlets

Triple Swiss outlets +
4 x 16-Pole Harting (Wieland) 6cct

3 x Triple Swiss outlets

Triple Swiss outlets +
4 x 19-Pole Socapex 6cct

3 x Triple Swiss outlets

With Hot-Patch:

12 x 10-Pole Harting (Wieland) 4cct

3 x Aust 3-pin 13 Amp

12 x 10-Pole Harting (Wieland) 5cct

3 x Aust 3-pin 13 Amp

8 x 16-Pole Harting (Wieland) 6cct

3 x Aust 3-pin 13 Amp or
3 x CEE 3-pin 16 Amp

6 x 19-pin Socapex 6cct

3 x Aust 3-pin 10 Amp or
3 x CEE 3-pin 16 Amp

Power Input Options:

2 x Clipsal style 32A (40A optional) input connectors on 2m tails

1 x CEE 63A

1 x CEE 125A

5 x 400A Powerlock in and thru

Patch connector system

Wieland ST18 or GST18


Yes (GST18 only)

Number of hot-patch circuits

48, 60 or 64 depending on model

Series connection available (Aust)


DMX Splitter

5-way fully isolated DMX splitter built in

Wireless operation (option)


Channel MCB type

1 Pole

Channel MCB breaking capacity

6000 Amps

RCD rating per 12 channels

30 mA

Current control technology


Dimmer curve selection per channel

7 curves

Scene storage

80 scenes

Power switching component


Inductor rise time


Channel output mimic LEDs (Qty)

Yes (24)

Number of cooling fans


Fan cooling control


External software upgradable


Power up in last known state


50/60Hz frequency auto-select


100/120V input voltage (factory set)


220/240V input voltage (standard)


Chassis style

Fully flight cased with castors.
Removable front and rear covers

Dimensions (mm)

680W x 780H x 730D


62kg (actual) and 84kg (shipping)


Corrosion resistant steel finish in black powdercoat with rear screened polycarbonate labels

For further information please contact your Pro Systems Group dealer.