LSC-LX300 – Lighting made clear.
Refined in thousands of shows, driven by Clarity software.

The LX-series is split in three different sizes to scale every type of show or venue and provide the operator and lighting designer a clean ergonomic work environment where everything is only a push of a button away.

With the Clarity software you can easily control every type of light, like PAR cans, LEDs or moving lights, colour scrollers, LED matrix walls and even Media Servers using an intuitive interface.

The LX300 is the smallest Console of the LX range, but the LX300 is still huge enough to be a workhorse.


  • Runs on Clarity software
  • Drag and drop patching with intelligent fixture cloning
  • Rig view with 2D simulation and easy fixture selection
  • Multiple programmers with independent unlimited Undo/Redo function
  • Media Server Content Integration via Thumbnails
  • LED pixel mapping with picture and video playback
  • Full Dynamic Editor and Effects Engine with smooth crossfading of effects
  • Freesets (Presets, but independent of fixture type and quantity)
  • Time Presets and Live Time Busking interface
  • Unlimited Groups, Presets, Freesets, Cues and Chases
  • Audio playback and timecode synchronisation
  • Full tracking cuelists with Macro scripts and Undo/Redo of cue record/delete
  • Unique Performance window live interface

Technical Facts:

  • 1 pcs. Parameter Control UI module comprising 10.4" touch screen, 20 feature buttons
  • 15 pcs. 60mm RGB faders with Select/Go/Pause/Back buttons
  • 15 Buttons only playbacks, each with Select/Go/Pause/Back buttons
  • 99 pages split into two groups, split position selectable
  • 4 push/turn encoders with 10 modifier buttons
  • Full Numeric Keypad
  • 2 pcs. 10 button banks
  • Intensity Wheel
  • 8 KeyControl buttons with full colour LCD labelling
  • Grand Master with DBO
  • 1 external Display via DVI
  • 4 local DMX 512 Outputs
  • 4,000 Channels, expandable
  • DMX-512/A, RDM, Art-Net, sACN
  • Midi In/Out/Thru, Stereo Audio In and Out on 6.5mm jack
  • Dual GB Ethernet ports
  • 160GB shock protected disc storage system

For further information please contact your Pro Systems Group dealer.


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