LSC-QX Nodes - The LSC Clarity QX products are DMX512-A decoders (Nodes).

They connect to a standard computer (Mac® or Windows® PC) via the USB port and provide either 1 (QX1) or 2 (QX2) DMX512-A outputs. The QX Nodes integrate directly into the LSC Clarity software and appear automatically as possible output devices on Clarity's Patch Window.

Each output port complies to the latest DMX512 specification and is fully RDM compatible. In addition, each port on the QX2 is electrically isolated from every other output as well as the computer to ensure that "common-mode" voltages cannot cause any DMX512 data problems.

A multi-colour LED located near each output indicates when the output is active, when it is sending DMX512 data and when it is handling RDM data. A similar LED next to the USB connector indicates a valid USB connection or any errors detected.


  • Integrates directly with any Mac® or Windows® PC via USB
  • Provides 1(QX1) or 2 (QX2) DMX-512 outputs
  • USB 1.1 compatible
  • Multi-colour LEDs indicate DMX512 data, RDM data or collisions on outputs
  • On QX2 and QX4 multi-colour LED on USB port indicates connection status including errors
  • Small rugged ABS housing for QX2
  • Integrated into XLR housing for QX1

Technical facts:

  • DMX512 Signals: Conforms to ANSI Standard E1.11 DMX512-A
  • RDM Compatibility: Conforms to ANSI Standard E1.20 2006
  • Adjustable DMX Speed: Yes
  • Galvanic Isolation: 1500V between every in and output (only QX2)
  • USB powered: Yes
  • Optional: External Power Input: 9-18V AC/DC 500mA only (QX2)
  • Firmware upgrade via USB: Yes
  • QX1 Product Dimensions: USB A Connector, 400mm Cable, XLR 5PIN Female
  • QX2 Product Dimensions: 140 x 132 x 42mm, 310g

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Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc..

For further information please contact your Pro Systems Group dealer.

LSC QX Nodes

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