Redback Wallmount.

In today’s entertainment and presentation environment there is a requirement to do a whole lot more than just dim lights.

Now moving lights, LED fixtures and video projectors all require non-dimmable power.

In parallel to this the way the dimmers are controlled has evolved.

Although control by the industry standard DMX-512A protocol is a must, there is an increasing requirement for the simple recall of scenes without the need for a dedicated lighting console, to allow use by untrained operators and to help minimise energy consumption.

On top of this, with venue managers becoming more aware of Health and Safety issues, an onboard Residual Current Device (also known as an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker or Ground Fault Interrupter) is now very desirable, if not a necessity.

Of course as the feature list has increased, the actual amount of money available to achieve all these functions and the amount of space on the wall to mount them have both decreased.

LSC has addressed all of these and a few more requirements, with the Redback Wallmount.

Drawing on the technologies and manufacturing techniques developed for its “professional big brothers” EKO and TEKO, Redback Wallmount provides an economical construction packed full of the essentials such as both dimming and relay switching output options, optional RCDs and external control via optional push button wallplates.

The Redback Wallmount provides an unprecedented level of features designed to make your life easier rather than more complex – and delivers it in a slimline chassis at a realistic price.


  • Wall mountable and easy to install
  • Slim line design
  • Unit is constructed using 6-channel modules
  • Units with both Dimming modules and Relay modules available. For example: a Redback Wallmount 24 is available with 18 channels of dimming and 6 channels of relay (switched) power
  • DMX512 and Architectural control
  • RDM control and reporting fitted as standard
  • Full softpatch
  • Available in 6, 12 and 24 Channel versions
  • Panic (Fire) input connection. Dry contact closure activates an emergency scene
  • Each circuit is rated to 10 Amps
  • MCB protection per channel
  • Optional RCD protection (Factory Fitted)
    • 3 single-phase RCD breakers for the 24-channel model
    • One 3-phase RCD unit for the 6 and 12 channel models
    • One RCBO (RCD device + MCB in one package) per channel. Includes Neutral Disconnect
  • Neutral disconnect (factory fitted) option available
  • Three Phase or Single Phase (only 6 and 12 channel models) input supply
    The 24-channel can be wired for single phase operation but as the input power connectors are rated at 120A, the upstream supply must be current limited to 120A per phase
  • Factory fitted output panel configurations
    • Hardwired via internal terminals
    • Australian 10Amp GPO sockets
    • UK 15Amp sockets. (6 channel and 12 channel versions only)
    • GST18 output connectors – 2 x dimmed + 1 hot power per channel
  • Six internal scenes
  • Remote push button control plates (RedPlates - available seperately) allow for up to 6 static scenes to be replayed at the push of a button
  • Multiple remote plates (up to 6) may be connected and daisy chained to allow for push button control in many different areas. Plates may be up to 200 metres away
  • Simple User interface
    • Attractive readable colour LCD display
    • LCD Touch screen for menu navigation
    • The User Interface provides:
      • Set DMX address
      • Riggers / test control of all channels
      • Create, edit and snapshot scenes
      • Set dimmer curve per channel (S-law, Non-Dim [60/40%])
      • Set min and MAX levels per channel
      • Each Relay channel may be configured to switch on in the presence of DMX input and to switch off when loss of DMX is detected
      • Select time of DMX Relay switch reaction time up to 0 to 60 minutes
      • Chases
      • Built in softpatch
      • UI is lockable via a PIN to prevent inadvertent operation
  • Channel level mimic display on the LCD
  • 80uSec rise time inductors
  • Operating temperature 2oC to 40oC ambient
  • Thermally controlled fan cooling
  • 100% duty cycle @25oC ambient
  • Over temperature shut down
  • Software update via Low / High density SD card
  • DMX Termination jumper or switch provided
  • Meets UK 17th edition Installation standard
  • Meets CE and Ctick requirements

Technical facts:


6 channel


12 channel


24 channel





Max Load per channel


Full 512 channel soft-patch


Programmable Scenes
(with individual fade times)


Programmable chases (with Speed control)


DMX-512A input with RDM functionality


Architectural control with Wall Plates


Selectable Fade curves per channel


Virtual Faders for Manual control of outputs


Thermal / Magnetic Breakers


Three Phase or single phase operation


Programmable Min and Max level per channel


Bar graph LED level display for each channel


Phase and DMX indicators


Easy to install


Dim or Relay modules to control all types of loads


Output Connector Options

x 3-pin Australian GPO style connectors

12 x 3-pin Australian GPO style connectors

24 x 3-pin Australian GPO style connectors

Output Connector Options

6 x UK 15A connectors

12 x UK 15A connectors


Output Connector Options

Hardwire (terminals)

Hardwire (terminals)

Hardwire (terminals)

Power Supply

Nominal 220-240 Volts. 3-phase star. 50-60Hz
(Single phase operation possible)
Operating range typically 190-260V, 45-65Hz.
100-120 Volt models available on request

Power Input Connection

Hard wired models are provided with 5 screw terminals
for input power

Control Input

DMX512 (1990) or DMX512-A (E1-11) and RDM (E1-20)

Product Dimensions - H x W x D




Product Weight (Packed)

9.0 kg / 19.8 lb

15.0 kg / 33.0 lb

28.0 kg / 61.6 lb

For further information please contact your Pro Systems Group dealer.