LSC-VX Wings - The VX series of products are part of the LSC Clarity hardware control package and allow direct control of the Clarity software features.

Providing a bridge between the computer world of mouse control and the traditional dedicated lighting control console, the VX series draw on the best of both worlds and are available in 2 different models.

Connected directly to the Mac® or Windows® PC via USB cable, the VX wings offer direct control of intensity and playbacks via buttons and faders.

Please note that the VX Wings will not work with the Demo Version of Clarity.


  • Integrates directly with any PC or Mac via USB
  • Ability to load any playback onto any master within Clarity
  • 10 pcs. 60mm Playback faders with GO and PAUSE/BACK buttons and Backlit LCD display
  • Master Go/Grand Master/DBO buttons
  • Record/Edit buttons
  • 99 Pages
  • 2 or 4 DMX512 RDM compatible outputs (depend on the wing)
  • Supplementary power input socket (Plug pack)

Extra Features VX20:

  • Trackball control of Intensity, Position, Beam and Focus or as computer mouse
  • Extra 10 Faderless playbacks with Go, Back/Pause buttons
  • HiLite/Blind Mode/Release All/Clear All buttons
  • Playback split into 2 x 5 x 99 pages
  • Universal Mains power input - (replaces VX10 Plug pack input)

Technical Facts:

  • Number of Fader Playbacks (60mm): 10
  • Number of Faderless Playbacks: 10 (only VX20)
  • Graphical LCD for Playback labelling: Yes
  • Number of Pages: 99 on VX10, 2 x 99 on VX20
  • DMX Ports (RDM Compatible): 2 on VX10, 4 on VX20
  • Inbuilt USB-Hub: Yes
  • Front mounted USB-Port
  • Trackball: only VX20
  • Double width Go button: Yes
  • Remote Inputs: 6
  • Midi In & Thru: only VX20
  • Secure Dongle Compartment: Yes
  • Desklight: Yes
  • Power Supply: USB or External on VX10, Universal Inbuilt 85-240V 50/60HZ IEC power socket on VX20
  • VX10 Product Dimensions: 398 x 296 x 86mm; 4.5kg
  • VX20 Product Dimensions: 512 x 296 x 86mm; 5.0kg

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Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc..

For further information please contact your Pro Systems Group dealer.

LSC VX Wings

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