MDG-ADV Version - Professional Modular Fog Systems.

The PMFS that’s DMX, so you can control everything from your lighting desk.

Conceived for major productions with long or permanent runs, the ADV Version can be controlled remotely, right on cue!


  • Adjustable fog/haze output, with continuous or momentary emission
  • Run up to 18 connected generators as one system on a single Central Pump System (CPS)
  • All generators run from centralized fluid and gas tanks, saving time and manpower
  • Extra fluid reservoirs in each generator means system can keep running while refilling central tank
  • DMX electronic gas regulator that can be remotely controlled from lighting desk to the desired emission
  • Automatic Purging System (APS) to prevent build-up and clogging

Technical facts:

  • coming soon...

For further information please contact your Pro Systems Group dealer.