MDG-Theme Pack Version - Professional Modular Fog Systems.

Our original PMFS with multiple generators and one fluid source, conceived for theme park environments.

Multiple generators connected with a central control and fluid system, to make operation and fluid refills infinitely easier.

Available in MAX (fog) or ATMOSPHERE (haze) models with various output options.


  • Adjustable fog/haze output, with continuous or momentary emission
  • Run up to 18 connected generators as one system on a single Central Pump System (CPS)
  • All generators run from large centralized fluid and gas tanks, saving time and manpower
  • Extra fluid reservoir in each generator means system can keep running while refilling central tank
  • Automatic Purging System (APS) to prevent build-up and clogging

Technical facts:

  • coming soon...

For further information please contact your Pro Systems Group dealer.