Aviation inspires

Aviation Evening 2012 staged with LSC LX300

The Association of the German Air Traffic Industry (BDL) invited around 500 guests to its industry meeting, held on 20.11.2012 at the ewerk in Berlin. For this 2nd Aviation Evening 2012, held under the slogan "Aviation inspires", the BDL once again brought together association members and guests from politics, media and the general public.

The slogan could be experienced live in the industrial charm of the Berlin ewerk. One of the oldest preserved buildings for commercial electricity generation became famous in the 1990s as the foundation site of the techno movement. For light designer Klaus Bolte, this contrast is simultaneously a fascinating challenge. To achieve a high-excitement light design in the lounge, he chose the light control panel LSC LX300 for the management of the event. This impressed not only through its wide range of features, such as the useful colour displays for different functions on the faders. Above all the speedy handling and the easily understandable, direct-access functions impressed all along the line.

By staging the party at the 2nd Aviation Evening 2012, the BDL has undoubtedly sent out a signal and used a breath-taking atmosphere not only to inspire exiting discussions but also to make moving moments reality.

The successful organisation of the evening was the work of the company Global Sunshine Productions and its technical implementation partner satis&fy AG.

Participants in the project
Production Manager: Michael Schäumer
Technical Manager: Matthias Maurer
Set Design: Jacob Boerner
Light Design: Klaus Bolte

Equipment used:
1 X LSC LX300
16 X Arri Fresnel 650W
17 X Arri Fresnel 1KW
2 X ETC S4 profile spotlights
22 X ETC S4 Par
22 X Martin Mac Aura
16 X Robe ColorSpot 700
4 X Robe ColorSpot 1500
1 X Robe ColorWash 1500
50 X AT3 Mini RGB
40 X TourLed 42cm

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