Furious finale with URBANATIX 2010

Our multimedia stage production was once again part of a rousing overall work of art during the 13 new shows in December 2010. URBANATIX was not only celebrated every evening with standing ovations from inspired audiences of all age groups, even the press praised the performance of the young street artists from 23 Ruhr towns as "spectacular, authentic, innovative" and described the production as "furious finale to RUHR.2010".
Fritz Pleitgen also commented euphorically after the event. "That was the best show I have ever seen. And I am 73 years old, meaning I have already seen a lot...".
As "creative minds of the picture worlds", one thing was clear to us from as early as the first think tank together with project initiator and director Christian Eggert: our main theme for the multimedia stage production can only be the Ruhr in general as well as the cultural-capital year in particular.
We immediately thought of important landmarks, known emblems such as "Zeche Zollverein" and the Region in the Course of Time. We wanted to show all of this in emotional pictures during the production. As a result, the search for suitable motives was initially more important than creating content. Once these had been found, we began work on preparing the material, developing ideas and embedding everything in a clear storyboard.
The end result was a spectacular multimedia production - by the way on just under 100sqm more projection space than during the shows in May - that could not have been a more affectionate homage to the Ruhr. One thing that visitors to URBANATIX found particularly impressive, for example, was a virtual flight over the globe that ended at the heart of our beautiful Ruhr.